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Block Ads, Browse Safe.

BitSecure Web Safe for the safest web experience

Take control of your browsing with an advanced and next-gen browser extension that offers impenetrable security through its ad-blocking mechanism to ensure optimum web protection while you are online. Get rid of intrusive ads and block malicious websites easily.

What all does BitSecure Web Safe do for your Browser?

Familiarize yourself with the amazing features that provide you peak web protection

It Blocks Ads

BitSecure Web Safe leaves no stone unturned in offering you an ad-free surfing experience. It blocks annoying ads, stops them from showing up anywhere, stops ad servers from tracking you, and loads web page faster.

It offers Blocked Domains

BitSecure Web Safe blocks domains that it believes that are dangerous, obscene, and damaging for you and your system. These can be unblocked by the user again from the Blocked Domains list.

It Blacklists and Whitelists Domains

BitSecure Web Safe gives you the choice and freedom to define what kind of content you wish to access. Blacklist those domains which you deem displeasing, while Whitelist the ones that you consider trustworthy for viewing.

It gives Real-Time Malware protection

BitSecure Web Safe prides itself on providing optimal protection against all kinds of malware attacks and latest threats with its real-time web protection engine. It automatically detects and analyzes a web page for any malware or viruses.

It has Multi-browser Compatibility

You can use BitSecure Web Safe on Google Chrome and ensure complete web protection on while you browse online.

It protects the Browser

With BitSecure Web Safe, you can block all the malicious domains and websites to ensure safety and security over the internet. It immediately alerts you whenever you cross paths with any harmful URLs or websites.

Intuitive and Consistent User Interface

With BitSecure Web Safe, experience a cleaner and faster web. The easy-to-use controls and least consumption of resources let you carry out your actions effectively and efficiently.

Don’t wait for the browser problems to surge, get BitSecure Web Safe now.

Available for all your PC Browsers

Compatible with: Google Chrome

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As our users, you definitely must have some queries regarding BitSecure Web Safe and its functionality.
These are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and their answers.

What is BitSecure Web Safe?

BitSecure Web Safe is an advanced web extension that blocks all dangerous and malicious sites. It is compatible with almost all web browsers including Google Chrome. As its name indicates, BitSecure Web Safe keeps you safe from the annoying random ads that usually pop-up.

BitSecure Web Safe is a highly magnificent browser extension that keeps you saved from annoying ads all the time. In just a single go, BitSecure Web Safe browser extension blocks all the annoying ads. It also notifies you if you are on a malicious site. Create a complete online protection layer in just a single shot.

You can add BitSecure Web Safe extension with ease. But, before adding it, first, you need to check that your web browser is compatible with the highly advanced BitSecure Web Safe extension. If your web browser is compatible, then here are the steps to add BitSecure Web Safe extension. Follow it thoroughly-

  • For adding it, visit the official website of BitSecure Web Safe, and i.e.-https://www.bitsecurewebsafe.com/
  • Now, click on the "Get BitSecure Web Safe" tab.
  • Thereafter, the next page will show you "Add to your browser", then, click on it.
  • To affirm your task then click on "Add Extension".

That's all, and you have successfully added the BitSecure Web Safe extension on your web browser. Now, browse without any sort of fear.

Yes. Some ads are malicious and may lead to stealing data and money online. Surfing and visiting various websites carelessly or clicking on a dubious ad can be threatful to your privacy and online security. BitSecure WebSafe provides real-time ad-blocking that not only protects you from dubious offerings but also secures your privacy.

BitSecure Web Safe does so by offering a bonzer safeguard against all sorts of malicious ads. It runs with its smart real-time web protection engine. BitSecure Web Safe is a fully automatic web extension once you add this on your web browser then it operates all the tasks automatically.

In the present era, phishing activities and cybersecurity threats are spreading widely. Hence, to get protected everyone is looking for an option that is able to protect them from attackers or cybersecurity threats. Here comes your rescuer BitSecure Web Safe extension that keeps you safe from all the malicious sites and hazardous downloads so no attackers would be able to harm your privacy.

Safety is the utmost concern of every individual, therefore, to keep your privacy safe and protected, you should add this extension to your browser. BitSecure Web Safe comes with advanced features including block ads, real-time ad blocking, multiple-browser compatibility, browser protection, blocks domains, and many more. Isn't it interesting enough? So, for complete online protection, you are required to add BitSecure Web Safe extension on your browser.

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